Call for Papers Vol. 9 No. 2

Membrana invites submissions for its upcoming issue, seeking original and thought-provoking contributions that engage with the diverse field of photography and visual practices. In Membrana Vol. 9 No. 2, we aim to provide a platform for critical reflection on the social, cultural, and artistic roles of photography within broader visual culture. Contributions may focus on contemporary or historical contexts, exploring processes of shaping and responding to visual practices, processes, phenomena.

We welcome submissions addressing the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Photography beyond cognitive processes, emphasizing its affective, perceptual, emotional, and sensory dimensions
  • Historical and cultural contexts of photography across different periods and geopolitical landscapes
  • The social implications of photography, including its role in reflecting on social, political, and cultural forces
  • Instances of deception, misconception, and other failed encounters within visual practices
  • The intersection of photography and activism, such as in photojournalism and documentary photography, as well as its implications for memory and politics
  • Innovations in photographic technology, techniques, and experimental practices, and their implications for contemporary imaging technology
  • Theoretical and critical perspectives on photographic theory and practices, including the potential need for new approaches in light of generative AI developments
  • The relationship between photography and other visual media, including film, television, digital media, and social media platforms, within the context of media studies
  • The visual-technological shaping of the everyday land questions of control
  • The role of photography archives in predictive and generative AI, including discussions on data biases and cultural and social aspects
  • Cultural memory and the communicative archives of photography
  • Methodological innovations in researching and writing about photography and visual culture in relation to other media practices

Submission guidelines:

Format of contributions

  • Articles, interviews – including notes, references, abstract, and biography 21,000–49,000 characters / 3000–7000 words
  • Reviews, experiments 10,500–21,000 characters / 1500–3000 words
  • Photographic projects and artwork: proposals for non-commissioned work or samples of work

Proposals and deadlines

  • The deadline for contribution proposals (450-word abstracts and/or visuals; and a short author(s) bio(s)) is July 22, 2024. The deadline for the finished contributions from accepted proposals and other submissions is September 16, 2024.
  • Please send proposals (articles, interviews, projects and experiments) via the online form at: contact us directly at editors(at)
  • Please send article submissions (excluding interviews, projects and experiments) via the online form at: or contact us directly at editors(at)